One of a personal trainer’s favorite things is a client who is willing to put in consistent hard work despite setbacks in life. Pete has been able to do just that over the past 7 months. While he had a few injuries during the course of his workout programPhotoGrid_1448487822703, Pete vowed to take care of his body and to work slowly and methodically following every single guideline I’ve given him as a camper. Because of his determination he has persevered with a 55 pound weight loss!

Pete joined Camp Gladiator in Aril during our first Total Transformation event in San Antonio. When I asked him why he decided to start a workout program he stated, “I went through a life changing event this year, a divorce. I needed to improve myself in so many ways and getting into shape was one of them. I needed to remind myself that I still had self worth.”

Pete was a team player from day 1 at camp. He showed up ready to do what was necessary to meet his goals. Because he’s been such a fun and inspirational addition to our CG family I asked Pete to share a little about his CG experience. Here’s what he had to say.

What have you liked most about training with CG? “The morning sessions fit well with my schedule. My trainer is the best at CG.” Pete was one of my very first campers as a CG trainer! I no longer teach an early morning camp that fits into Pete’s schedule, but because we have over 80 locations/times for our members to choose from, Pete was able to find a different camp to attend that works for him.

What has been the biggest obstacle in your training so far? “Overcoming the aches and pains of giving my all, 3 times a week.  Not in my 20’s anymore!”

What has been your biggest health/fitness accomplishment so far? “Getting off “the box” during the workouts was big for me. But losing 55 pounds so far has me motivated to lose the last 45.” Many campers, when starting CG, have limitations on certain exercises. For Pete, it was difficult on his knees, back and body to be getting up and down off the ground repeatedly for mat exercises. To make the workout challenging for him, but easier on his body we used a plyo box to perform many of his mat exercises. As Pete’s body grew stronger and as he continued to shed weight, Pete was able to move “off the box” and onto the mat to perform all exercises.

What has CG/your trainer made you do that you didn’t think you were capable of?  “Jennifer is the best CG trainer out there. Seriously. Her preparation for the workouts are top notch and it shows. We really appreciate it.  But what makes her special is her ability to encourage her gladiators.” **What Pete doesn’t realize is that gladiators like himself make it easy to do my job!

What advice would you give to others thinking about hiring a personal trainer or joining CG to help them improve? “In general people don’t tend to understand the value of a trainer. They see cost and think “I don’t need to spend the money, I can do it on my own”. But honestly, for me, that tactic only worked for so long. <I needed the help of a trainer to move forward.> I look at the cost as an investment in me.”

I’m excited to watch Pete continue to grow and shrink all at the same time! His positivity is infectious and I know he will continue to succeed.


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