Strong Body loves having clients from all walks of life with many varying goals. Our current Strong Body of the month enjoys working on her land and has goals of enjoying that work even more. Kathy came to us with a main objective to improve her balance, strength (specifically upper body) and to get some relief from the pain that was consistent in her knees when bending and stooping.

Kathy enjoys hiking and had always been active. Exercise (elliptical) was a part of her daily routine, but she was disappointed that she wasn’t getting the results she wanted from her normal program. Because of this, she started looking for a personal trainer to provide her with specific guidance in order to continue improving her health.

Kathy, like most people embarking on a new fitness program, had some obstacles along the way. Although retired, Kathy has many family responsibilities that can make her schedule a bit unpredictable but ultimately, Kathy understood that she needed to make time for herself. Her training time is something she doesn’t compromise. She keeps her appointments and makes times to get her exercise in no matter what.

Kathy has had substantial achievements. In the first 6 weeks she was already seeing improvement in her mobility and was able to move her body more efficiently. With continued workouts at the Strong Body gym and at home (written by her trainers at SBSA) Kathy made incredible progress.  She reduced her body fat by 6% in only a few months and is pleased with the fact that after 30 years of knee pain, she can successfully do a pain-free squat!

One of my favorite stories Kathy told me during the beginning of her training (around week 10) was that she and her husband were hiking at a local park and her shoe came untied. As Kathy bent down to retie it her husband noticed “Hey! You’ve never been able to bend that far down and tie your shoe!” What Kathy noticed is that she had squatted correctly to reach her shoe and that she had NO PAIN in her knees as she did it! In the past 4 months Kathy has shown that she is committed to her health and that she will meet any fitness goal she sets for herself. It’s a true pleasure working with her and helping her on this journey.

Here’s what Kathy had to say about her time thus far with Strong Body SA:

What have you liked most about training with Body SA? I appreciate most that I get a good workout but I don’t hurt myself. That is so critical for someone my age with the orthopedic issues I have. Jennifer is constantly watching as I exercise, making corrections, but more importantly, encouraging me to do the exercise correctly.
What has been your biggest health/fitness accomplishment so far? I am astounded at how much of a difference adding weight and strength training to an already active lifestyle has made. I have reduced my body fat by 6% in just a few months. That is amazing!
What has Jennifer/Strong Body made you do that you didn’t think you were capable of? It’s a simple thing, but I have not been able to do a squat because of painful knees for over 30 years. I’m proud to report that I am now doing squats, pain-free, as part of my regular exercise.

What advice would you give to others thinking about hiring a personal trainer to help them improve?  “Just do it! You won’t regret it. You need someone with knowledge and experience to guide you in your quest for physical improvement. I have gotten more from my exercise in just a few months with Jennifer than I did exercising for 40+ years on my own.”

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