Fall is officially upon us and while the Texas weather isn’t cooperating just yet, it won’t be long before a permanent chill fills the air.  Fall seems to be the time when many, even fitness devotees, let their fitness goals slip.  In the fall, excuses to not workout seem to be as abundant as the leaves falling from the trees.  This year, don’t let fall keep you from staying healthy.  Read Strong Body’s most recent article in Natural Awakenings Magazine (page 28) to beat your main fall fallacies.

The article describes ways to beat excuses like

  • the family’s extracurricular schedule doesn’t allow time for exercise
  • I always gain a “winter coat” every winter; I’ll worry about taking the weight off in the spring
  • the cold keeps me from wanting to exercise outside

There are also insights into why giving up the fitness fight in the fall could be harmful to your health.


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