I have to tell you that Chris and have been following the food plan exactly and I’m shocked, SHOCKED, at how much food I get to eat and how much better I’m feeling already. Who knew that eating real, whole, foods could be so easy and so delicious? Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us get on the right track. I already feel like a new woman and I’m only getting started!

Angela Garinger

Jennifer helped me lose 30lbs before turning 30 years old. Her exercise routines and food guidance was so easy to follow that I reached my goal a month early! She showed me that I was capable of doing exercises I never thought I had the strength or endurance to do. Not only did she help me get in better shape but she also gave me a new perspective on losing and keeping weight off by changing my lifestyle rather than doing temporary and unhealthy diets. Thank you Jenn!!!

Barbara Holland

Jennifer has my fitness plan so organized and tailored to me that all I need to do is focus on my workout. No guess work, she does it all. I have a monthly calendar that explains my target for each day along with fitness goals and nutrition information for me. Her encouraging and motivating style makes me want to work harder to improve. I have lost inches and weight according to plan but most important I have gained confidence and I feel and move like a much younger person than when I stared. I have tried everything to lose weight and get healthy and then at age 54 I finally found Jennifer and my life is changing. Its a huge commitment but one of the best life decisions I have ever made. Thank you Jennifer!!!

Shannon S.

Jennifer is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate trainer. She really helped me to become aware of not only how to work out in a way that will help me meet my physical fitness goals but to eat in a healthier way as well…win/win for myself and my family. Plus…and this is a biggie…it all happened in the comfort of my own home. Sometimes we used her equipment but usually we used what I had available here so that I was able to continue working out throughout the week. You won’t be disappointed…a little sore, sometimes a lot sore, but that’s the whole purpose of an excellent workout!!!!

Michelle B.

I signed up with Jennifer Dec. 2012 and in 6 months I lost nearly 40 pounds. It has been the best experience! Jennifer is professional, very knowledgeable and the most motivating person I’ve met. She arranged our meetings around my busy schedule and arranged my workouts around my needs. Her meal plan was not only ‘doable’ for me and my family but the recipes were delicious and sensible.

Erica Brinegar

14 months ago Jennifer Trimmier, Strong Body SA helped me get started on a healthier me. From food/nutrition education to running plans, she was with me through it all. I have lost a total of 70lbs and just finished my first half marathon. Thank You Jennifer…

Beth H.

I signed on to work with Jennifer after having seen some pictures of myself at our mutual friend’s wedding. Needless to say, the pictures were very telling of the weight I had slowly gained. My unhealthy lifestyle really snuck up on me, and I didn’t know where to start when it came to developing a long term plan to become healthy again. When approaching Jennifer about her training program, I was nervous and hesitant. I knew nothing about ‘routine’ fitness and was embarrassed to admit I needed help. She was understanding, sympathetic and totally non-judgmental, which made me all the more eager to begin working with her. What I ended up finding out is that fitness and a healthy meal plan doesn’t have to be a diet…it’s a lifestyle, and it’s a slow process. Jennifer helped me realize this, and with her help, I finally had the tools that were necessary in order to be a better, healthier version of me. Working with her was eye-opening, fun and not at all intimidating..and I will use the work-outs and meal plans she gave me for years to come!

Lindsey O.

I have always enjoyed running and working out so I wanted something to change up my routine and get better results. Jennifer’s knowledge of fitness and ability to tailor a program to fit my needs AND challenge me gave me the extra boost I needed to PR at a half marathon and become stronger!

Caty B.

Strong Body of the Month