Jennifer Trimmier


Cliff Notes

Self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, fitness-lover, race-runner, amateur chef, music connoisseur living life to the fullest in San Antonio, TX.

The Entire Book

I’m a very adventurous person living life to its fullest in San Antonio, Texas. I married the man of my dreams on November 3, 2007 and I love that I found an equally adventurous person to spend the rest of my life with! We strive to take the road less traveled and have the most sensational memories to show for it.

My family is my world, although I don’t get to see them very often. I’m lucky to have loving in-laws that live close, but I so dearly miss my immediate family who are spread all across the great state of Texas.

I have the best friends a girl could ask for – some of them are family, some are from high school, others from college and some are from the working world – each of them inspire me each day to be the best friend and person I can be. They are truly amazing, smart, funny… beautiful inside and out and I don’t know how I would make it through this crazy world without them!

I am an ACE certified personal trainer who provides at-home and on-location personal training and wellness coaching for individuals and groups.┬áMy methods are based on an “everything in moderation” philosophy and I provide realistic, easy to follow fitness and wellness plans that teach my clients how to behave and succeed in real-world situations.

I LOVE CAMP GLADIATOR and its ability to continually improve my fitness, no matter how fit I already think I am!

In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, skydiving, SCUBA diving and taking trapeze lessons. I also enjoy biking and running half marathons as well as learning about fitness, wellness and nutrition.


  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer
  • Pre & Post Natal Specialty Certification (ACE)
  • Orthopedic Specialty Certification (ACE)
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist (NASM – current pursuing)
  • Tabata Bootcamp Trainer

Be Active

Whether you Crossfit, Stairmill, Bootcamp, Zumba, Dance With Me, P90, Step, Row, Treadmill, Stairmaster, Walk, Kickbox, Yoga, Insanity, Wog, Elliptical, Box & Sculpt, Orange Theory, Beach Body, Karate, Pilates, Spin, Cycle, Capoeira, Soccer, Leg Wrestle, or Run, I am PROUD OF YOU FOR BEING ACTIVE.

The Best Workout

I don’t think any one workout is better than the other… as a matter of fact, I think the best workout of all is one that YOU enjoy and one that keeps YOU motivated. My wish is that everyone be able to find an activity and form of exercise that suits their needs. And if you need help finding that form, I’m always here to help!