Earlier this year Strong Body SA started offering boot camp services through Camp Gladiator, a company we partnered with to provide additional value to our clients. Many Strong Body clients had met their initial goals and wanted to reintegrate into a fitness group and some were in need of a more affordable option to personal training due to budget constraints. CG gives campers both by providing┬áparticipants with a structured and progressive training program that’s great for many different fitness goals at an affordable rate.

As with any service we provide, we did a lot of research to ensure that CG was a perfect match for our strong bodies. After attending camp myself for several months and then visiting the CG headquarters in Austin, there were no doubts in my mind that this company would be valuable both to our clients and trainers.

A Camp Gladiator membership runs $69 to $79 per month for UNLIMITED training throughout the city. Currently, we are a network of 28 personal trainers with 84 locations and times. Camps start as early as 5am and as late as 7pm and locations stretch from New Braunfels to the far northwest and even into downtown. You can see the full schedule here:

Interested in trying out a trial month? Call me today to get started. 210-445-0448

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