Strong Body SA trainers are experts at developing workouts that fit into any space you may (or may not) have.  Our trainers find creative ways to help you get in shape whether or not you have equipment to use when we aren’t there with you.  That’s the story behind this workout – often times we suggest using household items as weights (water bottles, canned food, a heavy purse or backpack) with the exercise programs we design. It just so happens this season lends us a great tool to use in our workouts and most households will have more than one just lying around.  We’re talking about your Halloween pumpkin.  Go pick it up and use it in this beginner friendly, yet challenging enough for everyone, workout to burn off the candy you (or your kids) have collected!

This workout, when done 3-4 times through, 10-12 reps per exercise, can burn up to 250 calories in only 20 minutes! Use this chart (courtesy of Registered Dietician Michelle Remkus) to see how quickly those calories add up then grab your pumpkin and sweat it all away!

candyexercise good sam

Post a photo or short clip of you doing the pumpkin workout on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #SBSAPumpkin & #strongbodysa before November 15th, 2014 to win a Strong Body SA prize pack including a t-shirt and other cool goodies (that don’t come along with calories)!

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