We all tell ourselves we need to workout, or that we want to go to the gym, but if we can’t find the motivation to, we won’t stick with it or just not do it altogether!

Time to Workout

Motivation can be the hardest thing to find within us, especially in the midst of our busy, ever changing lifestyles. Simply wanting to workout just isn’t enough often times in the world of such a fast-paced, social media-centered, society. We find ourselves dreaming of having hours a day to workout, but just don’t see it likely to happen with our busy schedules, so we lack motivation, and just don’t do it. However, there is hope!  Follow these 3 simple steps to staying motivated on a daily basis, and you’ll no longer find yourself hitting the snooze button, but rather jumping out of bed with a determined mind and happy soul!

Step 1: Find your “WHY?” 

  • We must ask ourselves WHY we want to start working out, or for the ones who already do workout, but just not regularly, we ask WHY we started. If you can find even just 3 reasons WHY and write them down anywhere you can see, you’ll find yourself no longer sitting around wishing, but rather finding yourself getting up and going with reason! Soon enough, this reason can turn into a positive attitude with motivation that comes naturally on a daily basis!

Step 2: Set Mini Goals

  • Of course, setting long-term goals is very important and helpful, especially when starting a new workout regimen, because these long-term goals are most likely the reason we started in the first place. However, if we also set realistic shorter term goals in between these long-term goals, we have a much better chance of accomplishing the long-term.

For example, if the long term goal is “I want to workout everyday at 5 am”, we may see “everyday” as so far from what we’re doing now, we quickly lose motivation if we miss even just 1 day. By setting weekly, or even daily mini goals; “Today, I will walk for 10 minutes”, we can feel more accomplished, more motivated, and one step closer towards accomplishing our long term goal. Now, something like this may seem too small especially to those of us who want fast, noticeable results. But, any exercise is better than no exercise at all! And, almost always, once we just get started, we find the motivation to keep going! So, simply starting off with a walk could turn into a run then sprints then lifting weights, etc. From there we may even start to feel better about ourselves, which then pushes us to challenge ourselves even more!  

Step 3: When Life happens, Fight on!

  • Life happens! Yes, no matter how motivated you are, there will times we physically just CANNOT workout. This is okay, this is life. Don’t beat yourself up! The key is, NEVER let yourself miss more than 2 days of working out, especially when you’re working towards your goal! So, take a couple of days, recuperate, then get back to reality and fight on!

Conclusively, I can speak for myself and say that motivation is something that comes and goes in my life on a daily basis. These 3 steps have helped me TREMENDOUSLY with staying motivated and staying on track no matter what life throws at me. So, keep going, day by day, and motivation will no longer be something you’re searching for, but something you have and turned into dedication.



Author: Nicole Garrett



“I am an intern for Strong Body SA, currently going to UTSA studying Kinesiology. I plan to graduate in the Fall where from there I plan to either go to Graduate School to study Exercise Physiology, or go into Dietetics to become a Dietician. I currently help writing workouts and meal plans that Jennifer uses for her Strong Body clients! I also observe and assist in training her Strong Body clients. This has been an extremely helpful experience and I feel I have already learned a great deal about personal training and how to go about running it as a business. I look forward to continuing my work and acquiring even more experience and knowledge with Jennifer in the near future.”

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