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Are you ready to make major progress toward your healthy resolutions in the first 2 months of the new year? Strong Body Boot Camps offer 8 weeks of high intensity workouts guaranteed to make you stronger, leaner, and healthier.

Fit for Fall boot campers made huge strides toward their fitness goals during October & November – this is what some of them had to say:

I loved this boot camp and will do another.  You inspire, push, and encouraged me!  Thanks for an awesome 8 weeks of creating a STRONGer BODY!

I took 2 inches off my waist and am a lot stronger even though I didn’t do as much as I should have on days not at boot camp! The boot camp group provided support and encouragement to try harder and achieve better results.  I know now that exercise really can be fun.

Many of these boot campers will be back this spring to continue their journey, so sign up early to reserve your spot – there are only 5 spots per boot camp!

Boot Camp

Strong Body Boot Camps are comprised of a variety of ages, abilities and fitness levels.

In return for your 8 week commitment, Strong Body SA’s boot camp gives you:

  • Health risk assessment and body composition measurements (done every 4 weeks)
  • Goal setting exercises and accountability to reach your health & fitness goals
  • 2 weekly workouts (45 minutes each) held on Tuesdays & Thursdays at either 1:00pm or 5:30pm.
  • Access to an online accountability community with other boot camp members
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Weekly calendars with instruction on what exercises to do on days you don’t attend boot camp
  • Exclusive access to other group boot camp classes announced weekly. These will be 30 minute express workouts to supplement your training aimed at helping you reach your goals faster.

*Boot camps are capped at 5 people so that each member gets one-on-one attention and has direct access to the trainer throughout the boot camp. Cost is $15 per workout session paid bi-weekly in advance via cash, check or credit card.

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