Ronda completes "toes to bar" - an exercise requiring a strong and efficient core which she gained through attending Strong Body Boot Camps.

Ronda completes “toes to bar” – an exercise requiring a strong and efficient core which she gained through attending Strong Body Boot Camps.

One thing I love about my clients is that they come to me at varying levels of fitness.  Some are just beginning their fitness and wellness journey while others are long into a plan to make themselves healthier and happier.  All clients pose a unique challenge and that’s partly why I love my job – no one client is the same and I have to really work to find what’s right for them, the unique mix that will take them from where they are to where they want to be.

Ronda came to me in that latter group.  She had done P90X and Insanity for a few years before joining Strong Body’s Fit for Fall Boot Camp.  Even though she was working out regularly, she found that some goals weren’t being met while training on her own. I love that I was able to push Ronda past her self-imposed limits.  It was beyond exciting to watch her work hard to complete a new exercise and to teach her advanced-level versions of exercises she had already been doing.

What’s more, it was thrilling to see her shatter boundaries and use sheer determination and dedication to reach new heights.  There’s no doubt she left the 8 week boot camp stronger than she had ever been and with muscle tone she had not been able to achieve on her own.  I talked to Ronda recently about all she had accomplished and here’s what she had to say.

I’d been wanting to train with Jennifer & Strong Body for quite some time.  Jennifer’s willpower and determination have always impressed me.  She had a back surgery several years ago and from what I recall the prognosis was less than encouraging.  Being the Strong Body that SHE is, she politely thumbed her nose at the prognosis and the docs who gave it to her, and here she is today, a personal trainer with a thriving business, and a loyal following.  I wanted THAT person to train me!”

The best part about Strong Body boot camps is that each workout was different which was great for me because that meant I never had the chance to get bored!  And even though I was part of a boot camp/group, Jennifer always managed to somehow keep everyone’s objectives and goals in sight.

My biggest obstacle is me.  I can be quite inconsistent.  Being part of a boot camp and having that accountability to be present and having that face-to-face interaction with Jennifer to push myself hard each workout kept me on my toes though.

What has been your biggest health/fitness accomplishment so far?

One of the results I noticed after working out with Jennifer for the 8 weeks of boot camp was how strong my core had gotten.  There was a move (toes to bar) that I could NOT do at the beginning of boot camp that I could do proudly and well by the end of it.

Jennifer pushed me to my own limit at each workout.  Very rarely did I leave feeling that I didn’t do enough, nor did I leave feeling she pushed too hard.  Jennifer always pushed me to give it my all but she respected my limitations, as well.

What fitness goals do you have in your future?

I would love to just be more consistent! Well, and continue to tone up, strengthen my core, and clean up my diet.  In other words, I think I see another dose of boot camp with Strong Body in my future!

What advice would you give to others thinking about hiring a personal trainer to help them improve or meet their fitness goals?

If you’re not serious, don’t waste your time.  I mean that in the absolute most complimentary way possible.  If you sign up with Jennifer expect to meet your goals because she sees it as her job – literally – to help get you there.  

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