Erica lost 34 pounds in 6 months while training with Strong Body San AntonioErica began in-home personal training sessions with Strong Body SA in December 2012. Her main goals centered around weight loss and returning her vital statistics to a normal range for her age. At just 32 years old, Erica was suffering from high blood pressure and desperately wanted to be a healthier example for her children. She clearly expressed that she did not enjoy running and wanted to find a workout program that worked for her family’s schedule. She also wanted to learn how to prepare healthy, nutritious meals for herself and her family.

Erica’s workouts started with low-level interval circuits and proceeded to high intensity interval training. Each time we met, we worked on strength training and cardiovascular exercise. We also created a workout calendar that slowly increased additional steady state cardiovascular activity outside of our biweekly sessions. Strong Body SA shared information that allowed Erica to understand how much food her body needed to create energy and showed her how to pick healthy alternatives to the foods she was already eating. Erica has kept a consistent food log since we began working together and this has proved extremely helpful in understanding where her diet lacks appropriate macronutritents and where/when she’s consuming too much (which doesn’t occur frequently now!). Food logging has also been a great accountability tool for Erica as it is with most Strong Body clients.

After working with Erica just 6 months she returned to her doctor for a checkup. This was her response after that visit:

“My doctor was shocked and very happy with me. I’m down 34lbs and my BP was much lower which is excellent compared to 6 months ago. Every single lab that came back fell into the normal range which was also excellent compared to 6 months ago.”

Erica continues to work on her ultimate weight loss goal by working out during her lunch hour most days of the week.  She shared her advice and candid experiences in a recent chat with Strong Body SA – here is what she had to say.

What I liked most about Strong Body SA was the convenience of you coming to my house and also the way you tailored my workouts to fit my needs.

The biggest obstacle I faced and still face is food control and portion control.

My biggest accomplishment is, by far, the almost 40 pound weigh loss..and buying my first size 8 pants in 10+ years!

I still have 2 goals to reach – 20 more pounds to loose and to get completely off my blood pressure medicines. *The doctor wanted to ensure that Erica could maintain her weight loss and lowered blood pressure for another 6 months before taking her off of them. She isn’t having any problems maintaining!

The first thing I would say to others thinking of starting a new fitness program would be to hire Strong Body SA!!! Seriously!! SBSA helped by showing me the correct workouts and the correct foods to eat.  Jennifer continues to guide me throughout the entire process. I would have never been able to accomplish this without her. 

Strong Body SA is so proud of Erica’s dedication to her fitness and wellness routines despite being a busy mom and wife. It goes to show that if you make time, set goals, and get help when needed, you can do anything you put your mind to! WAY TO GO ERICA!

Strong Body SA boot camps start NEXT WEEK!
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