Beth Before & AfterBeth began an online coaching program with Strong Body SA in February 2012.  She was looking for direction and help losing weight and feeling better after she said she “saw pictures of myself and couldn’t believe how heavy I was”.  She had not been physically active in years, but wanted to start a walking program and learn how to plan and cook nutritionally balanced meals for herself and her teenaged son, Bobby.

Strong Body SA helped Beth create a walking/workout calendar that slowly increased in time and mileage.  Additionally, resources were shared that helped Beth understand what macronutrients and foods her body needed for fuel.  After a few short months she had dropped several pounds and had a new-found confidence.  It was at this point Strong Body SA integrated strength training into her fitness plan.

At 9 months into her wellness journey, Beth had lost 70 pounds and completed her first 5K. 1 year and 1 month after she started her new healthy lifestyle she completed her first half marathon, the 2013 Cowtown Half.

She continues to maintain her weight loss, set new goals, and step out of her comfort zone to keep her fitness routine interesting.

Beth shared her advice and candid experiences in a recent chat with Strong Body SA – here is what she had to say.

What I liked most about Strong Body SA’s online coaching service was that you were able to show me how/what to eat and how to exercise without hurting myself in the comfort of my home and neighborhood.

The biggest obstacle I felt was being hungry (at first) and being discouraged when the weight was coming off so slowly.  But that’s when I started implementing your <Strong Body’s> advice and I learned that I could eat more food if I made healthier choices.  Then, I wasn’t hungry and the more I ate and worked out the more weight I lost and the better I felt.

My biggest accomplishment so far is losing 70 pounds and finishing my first half marathon.  Also, learning how to eat healthily was a true accomplishment because I had no previous education or knowledge of how to do so.

I haven’t met all of my health goals, I’d still like to lose more weight and tone-up more, but I now know that my body is a work in progress.  I will continue to set and meet my goals.

My advice to others just starting down a healthy path is to JUST START!  Small changes add up over time.  My weight loss was slow but a pound is a pound and a mile is a mile, then suddenly you’re seeing and feeling the results.  One pound lost for me turned into 60+ and that one mile walking is now 5 or 10 miles jogging.  Slow is better than not at all!

The best feeling is knowing that my future will be healthy because I learned that this is a lifetime commitment.  I will continue to eat ‘right’ and to exercise/run.  I never want to go back, I’ve come too far!

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